segunda-feira, julho 28, 2008

terça-feira, julho 22, 2008

Lazy Reviews!!


The good
: Fight Club meets The Matrix.
The bad: It could be better.. it could be Fight Club meets The Matrix meets Jurassic Park meets Robocop meets the Spartans.. er.. ho.. shit.. i.. im sorry.................................................... fuck

The Happening

The good
: A random guy eaten alive by a Lion!
The bad: Not enough scenes involving random guys eaten alive by Lions!!!

The Incredible Hulk

The good
: Why do i love to watch Marvel movies? Cause it gives me the chance to play a game that i LOVE called "spot the Stan".
The bad: pffff it was TOO easy this time, c'mon!!!

Kung Fu Panda

The good
: KickAssActionAwesomeAnimationWithLotsOfFunnyMoments!
The bad: People tend to overrate PIXAR and ALL the other computer animated movies are only referred has beeing "nice", well at least this one wasn't has BORING has Ratatouille! There! I'v said it! Im the first person to say a BAD thing about a Pixar movie!


The good:
It's a Pixar movie!
The bad: It's a fucking overrated Pixar movie!! I swear to god if there was ONE MORE SCENE in that kitchen i would start to throw up!!


The good
: Well ya know, it's another Marvel super-heroes movie.. but this time "GOOD"!
The bad: Not enough screening time of Stan Lee in a bathrobe.

Masters of the Universe

The good:
Finally got the chance to watch this movie after 20 years!
The bad: I watch it............. shit!